Институт экономических проблем им. Г.П. Лузина
Luzin Institute for Economic Studies

International research cooperation

Luzin Institute cooperates internationally with more than 30 partner organizations in the Arctic and beyond. These are the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland (Rovaniemi), the University of Tromso – The Arctic University of Norway (Tromso), Northern Research Institute Norut (Tromso, Alta), Norland Research Institute and Nord University (Bodo), the Barents Institute of the University of Tromso – The Arctic University of Norway (Kirkenes), Nordic Centre for Spatial Development Nordregio (Stockholm) and other.

Priorities of international research cooperation of the IES:
• Nature resource management
• Social sphere, sustainable development of northern and Arctic regions and local communities
• Sustainable development of mono-profile towns in the North and the Arctic
• Socio-economic processes in the Barents Euro-Arctic region
• Protection of the environment, climate change
• Processes associated with development of the mining and oil and gas industries in the North and the Arctic

Since the 1990-es more than 50 international research projects about the North and the Arctic were carried out at the IES (for more information in English see http://www.iep.kolasc.net.ru/intresearch.php, in Russian – http://www.iep.kolasc.net.ru/sotrudnichestvo.php).