Институт экономических проблем им. Г.П. Лузина
Luzin Institute for Economic Studies

Luzin Institute for Economic Studies of the Kola Science Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences (IES KSC RAS)

The Institute is a non-profit scientific organization, administered by the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (FASO of Russia, Moscow). Scientific and methodical supervision of the Institute is carried out by Department of Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow). The Institute is located in the town of Apatity, Murmansk region, in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. Postal address: 24a, Fersmana str., Apatity, 184209.

The Institute was founded on December 24, 1986 on the basis of the Department of Economic Studies of the Kola Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. In the Institute under the leadership of the first director Professor Gennady Luzin the new research area in the national science – “the northern dimension of economy” was introduced. Since the 1990-es this area is a strategic research priority of the IES. In 2006 the Institute was named after Professor G. Luzin. Presently about 90 people work at the IES.


There are three main areas of research carried out at the Institute:
- evolution of socio-economic systems in the North, and sustainable regional and municipal development in the North and the Arctic in the context of globalization;
- socio-economic policy in the northern and Arctic regions and its social, innovative, industrial and financial aspects;
- sustainable use of natural resources in the North and the Arctic shelf, and the development strategy of maritime economic activities in the Arctic and along the Northern Sea Route.

The research work is carried out by seven departments:
• Department of economic policy and economic activities in the Arctic and the High North
• Department of industrial and innovation policy
• Department of financial policy in the North
• Department of regional and municipal governance in the North
• Department of economics of maritime activities in the Arctic
• Department of social policy in the North
• Department of economics of nature management in the European North

Through this research, the IES promotes increased knowledge and understanding of the Russian North and the Arctic both within and outside the region. The results of our research support decision-making at the federal, regional and municipal levels, and sustainable development in the Russian North and the Arctic, as well as in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region.

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Contacts for international cooperation matters:

Acting Deputy Director for International Research Cooperation
PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
Larissa Riabova
E-mail: larissar@iep.kolasc.net.ru

Specialist for organization of international research cooperation
PhD (Economics), Senior Researcher
Ludmila Ivanova
E-mail: ivanova@iep.kolasc.net.ru